Why Restart the Web Site & New Styles

Why I restarted this web site?

When I first thought of having a web site back in 2015, there were two main reasons ,

  1. I had thought there was need for a Canadian Site in Canadian Dollars that would assist Canadian collectors.
  2. I was pissed off with eBay and there insufferable rules or what I could do or not do.

The 2nd reason of course is what drove me, but I found people a bit apprehensive about buying off another site that was not eBay. For eBay had at least gained there trust and they new, I guess they had some recourse if a deal went south.

Well some of you know me quite well and I do not cheat you, its not my way.

Today, the reason is again with the number 2 reason above, they are so incredibly annoying its ridiculous how bad they really are, to the point now where they are yelling at me on the phone and using rather strong language.

The other reason is the driving force behind the new look and the integrated decorating ideas into the web site.

I feel we need to stop looking at these pieces as “grandma’s” figurines and that the young collector or decorator should be looking at these pieces to fit into our modern home rather than throwing them out. You would not throw out an old tufted leather sofa that belonged to your grandfather or a wonderful teak dining table that was in your parents’ home in the 1960’s. So why are getting rid of the collectibles as well.

You go buy crap in home sense and winners that you pay good money for, and put that in your house. Do you know if you had to re-sell it how much you would get? I’ll tell you nothing its garbage. STOP buying garbage. How can you say you want to help the environment when you throw out grandma’s stuff and buy crap made in china? I don’t get it ??

Ok enough of the rant, I have given four distinct styles that you can use in your modern day home, that you can incorporate figurines into your styles.  A lot of these pieces are not a lot of money and can easily be worked into a home. Look if you don’t like them I’ll buy them back, not of course what you paid for them , but something , so at least you get some of your money back not lie winners would buy back that ugly purple vase you bought last week.