From the age of 12, William was mentored by the best to buy and sell the best.

Periodically my father, in order to give my mother a break from taking care of five kids,  would take me and my siblings down to his coin store in Toronto. Initially, he put us to work grading and sorting coins.

As a result, I was very fortunate to start my career at an early age. This has enabled me to not only pursue one or two antique and fine art fields, but rather quite a few, most of which are intertwined with each other.

At the age of 18, I was able to work full-time (summers only) at the store. By this time my knowledge of coins, both gold and silver, accelerated tremendously. People would come to my father’s store to sell gold & silver jewelry, sterling silver flatware & hollowware as well as Royal Doulton & Hummel Figurines.

Over the course of the next few years, I began to increase my knowledge in recognizing Meissen, Dresden, Lalique, Baccarat and Waterford, Moorcroft , Japanese and Chinese Porcelain, paper money, tokens and furniture.

After college, it was decided that I would join my father’s firm to work full time, as the manager was leaving and he needed someone to fill his position. Working full time in the store, unlike working part time, enabled me to gain first hand knowledge on the selling aspect of the business.

When I was 29, I sold my antique & collectible business in Toronto and moved out west to Vancouver. It is here where I decided to specialize in Royal Doulton and Beswick.

William Cross still buys and sells, his focus is to provide you with the best service in our current marketplace.

The introduction of the internet brought huge changes in the antique & collectible markets, driving many prices down. This, with the fact that most young people do not collect, has forced many long-time collectors to sell at losses. However, you must remember these collections were never meant to be investments; it is now just a market with an oversupply of product and lack of buyers.