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      In the late 1800s Doulton had two factories one down near London , called the Lambeth Works, where all of the lambeth art pottery came out of. In 1877 Doulton Acquired another factory up in Burslem, which then became the burslem factory. 

      Both factories carried their own distinguishing backstamps. For the Lambeth backstamps please see the section on Doulton Lambeth as in this section will only be for Burslem marks. 

      Backstamp  Date Used
      Doulton Burslem Mark - William Cross

      This mark is quite similar the the Lambeth mark with the exception of the four interlocking ds in the centre and of course the obvious the word burslem added.

      This mark was used c. 1882 to 1891, after 1891 England was added below 

      Doulton Burslem Mark - William Cross This mark was used 1891 to 1902, it was replaced by the crown and lion backstamp. 
      Doulton Crown and Lion Backstamp England Only 1902 to 1927 -William Cross In 1901 Doulton received the royal warrant from King Edward VII, with this they now became Royal Doulton. With it comes this new backstamp. Please note the words England on the bottom . This backstamp was used from 1902 to up to 1928. 
      Smaller Wares Backstamp - William Cross Used from c.1923 to 1927 , mostly for smaller pieces.