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      If I buy more than one piece can I get a combined shipping price?

      Yes, unlike eBay on this web site you pay the actually cost of shipping and no fee for packing materials. 

      Do we sell outside of North America?

      Yes we do please contact William Cross , and enquire with what you want shipped. 

      Do you have a store?

      No, I do not have a physical store but I do show in Toronto and Vancouver, please sign up for updates on the home page. 

      What forms of payment do you accept?

      We accept Visa, MasterCard or Amex and PayPal, apple pay, Ames, Interact, Google Pay, Paypal. 

      Do you offer layaways?

      Only on orders over $5,000.00, please enquire with William. 

      Do I need to pay taxes?

      Yes you are responsible for all the taxes either within Canada, or any duties for merchandise going across international borders.

      Do we buy pieces from the public?

      Yes we do, as we are in the constant lookout for new and additional merchandise. Please see “William Cross Antiques is Buying” page for more information.