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      Royal Doulton traces its ancestry back to Jones , Watts & Doulton potter in Lambeth in 1815. By 1826 the company was trading as Doulton & Watts, and in 1853 become Doulton & Co. The turn of the century was the granting of the Royal Warrant and permission to use the world Royal. The history of Doulton Lambeth ceased in 1956 with the closure of this factory. 

      Dating Doulton Lambeth - William Cross  Impressed , Moulded or incised Marks on Stoneware and terracotta Products 1827 to 1858


      Dating Doulton Lambeth - William Cross



      Usually Impressed marks on plain brown stoneware 1858 to 1891 (no England added )

      After 1891 England was added used in this mark until c.1956, sometimes found on faience pieces as well.


      Dating Doulton Lambeth - William Cross  Impressed mark used from c. 1869 to 1887 , the date was added to the oval mark between 1872 to 1877. 


      Dating Doulton Lambeth - William Cross  Much the same as the oval mark above , sometimes the date is in the circle, most times the date is under like this or just off on its own. 
      Dating Doulton Lambeth - William Cross  This mark can come impressed or printed on pieces. C.1880 to 1902 , as with the above marks the word England was added after 1891


      During these marks Doulton created numerous lines/ styles or types of wares. Each of these lines had their own individual marks like silicon ware , Faience , Impasto and Carrara to name a few . They are as follows , 


      1873 to 1914, with the same rules as above 

      Dating Doulton Faience - William Cross


      1880 to 1932, same rules as above 

      Dating Doulton Silicon Ware - William Cross


      c.1879 to 1914

      Dating Doulton Impasto


      1887 to 1924

      Dating Doulton Carrara - William Cross

      Along with the above specialty marks Doulton did use the the more common crown and lion backstamp as well. 

      1902 to 1956 & 1922-1956 respectively,  


      Doulton Dating Lambeth - William Cross